Choosing the best tiles for your kitchen

Choosing the best tiles for your kitchen

Are you in the throes of trying to give your kitchen a new look? Designing your kitchen can be a bit daunting since you have to balance between enhancing your kitchen beautifully without the risk of putting off potential future buyers. The key to injecting a new character in your kitchen is tiles. Having the right tiles on your kitchen walls, floor and sink will turn your kitchen from being just a cooking space to being an entertaining space where you would want to cook in for as long as you can. But how do you choose the best kitchen tiles? Here are five tips to help you do that:

Existing furnishings

Before you select the best kitchen tiles to use, you should first consider all the furnishings and decorations that are existing in your kitchen. For an attractive kitchen, the tiles that you choose should complement every furnishing in the kitchen. The tiles should match the style of the tables and cabinets.

Size of the tiles

The size of the tiles that you install in your kitchen will depend on your kitchen size. If your kitchen is small, then small tiles will perfectly suit it. Installing large tiles on a small kitchen will make your kitchen to look a bit odd. However, if you have a large kitchen, then the size of the tiles you install should be large as well.

Stain resistant tiles

Stains are something that you are going to deal with on a daily basis in your kitchen. Therefore, choosing tiles that are stain resistant will mean that you won’t have to scrub your kitchen floors every day as this can also wear the tiles and reduce their lifespan. You should, therefore, avoid light colored tiles that are not sealed since they will be prone to stains.

Tile patterns

You can create a beautiful subtle look in your kitchen by opting for patterned tiles. There are a lot of eye-catching designs that will give your kitchen a look that everyone will admire. You can also go for designs that will give your kitchen a timeless a timeless appeal like the Moorish designs.


Depending on your family’s habits, you will have to choose floor tiles that will be able to withstand spilled foods, heavy traffic, and pets. You should also ensure that you don’t install wall tiles on your floor since they usually have a low coefficient of friction.…