The ideal bathroom ventilation

When we think of bathroom ventilation, one thing that comes to mind is a bathroom fan. A bathroom fan coupled with proper ventilation will probably be ideal for a good bathroom. It is not very difficult to find a good fan just right for your bathroom. Provided you know your needs you will probably get what you need in the market. However, it is still a matter of concern as to what makes an ideal bathroom ventilation. You can browse this page for more information on ideal bathroom ventilation. Here are features of fans that will make it right for your perfect ventilation

General information

Fan rating

ghhghghghghghgWhen we talk about rating we also talk about capacity. The fan should be in the right position to fit the size of bathroom it is ventilating. The fun rating is considered using the cube foot per minute. This is the space it covers as it moves. For the amount of space in the bathroom, should have its own size of fan. For big bathrooms the ventilating would be based on the number of fixtures in that bathroom. For example, the toilet should have its own shower, the showers should have its own and the bath tub should have its own. Each of these is recommended to have a fan of 50 CFM to create an ideal ventilation. The big bathrooms are usually over 100 square feet thereby needing at least 150 CFM for fans that is 50 CFM per fixture.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is one of the things that make an ideal bathroom ventilation in that you will not waste a lot of energy in the bathroom. Your use of the bathroom will depend on your household needs. Most homes have use patterns that entail the bathroom being on for the better part of the day. In the US energy efficient fans are labeled with the energy star Logo meaning that they meet the current energy requirements.

Sound level

hghghghghgwqwThe old fans probably sounded like a helicopter taking off. This would make the bathroom noisy. These days we have fans that are more silent that it is almost unnoticeable. The sound level of Bathroom fans is measured in sones. The loudest fans go as much as sones while the most silent is 0.3 sones. An ideal fan would probably have the lowest fan sound. When in the market be sure to compare the sound levels of different fans.


These three features are among the top features of an Ideal bathroom ventilation. Every person may have their preferences that they would add on the three. However is advisable to consider the three first. More importantly, the comfort of your home is what matters.